Book Club – June 2022 – What I’ve read this month

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June 2022 has been the first month ever, where I felt that I read as much as I could. Since the beginning of June my target has been to read a book a week. Not only did I meet that target, I’m still meeting that target! For those of you who have been here before, you’ll see that I always include a list of books that I’m reading at the end of each the blog post. This is for two reasons. The first is that it helps keep me on track of my reading goals, because, ultimately I don’t want to be writing the same book each time I write a post. The second is in case you might like to read them too! So I introduce to you, my one member only Book Club!!

In this Book Club series, I’m going to briefly review whether I thought it was any good or not. So this is my June 2022 in books.

Personality isn't permanent book cover by Benjamin Hardy. Blue with lots of words on a white background including agreeable, artist, spiritual etc.

Personality Isn’t Permanent

Benjamin Hardy

This book seems to go down hot and cold with most of the other reviews I’ve read; i.e. a little bit of book marmite here. I made a lot of highlights through this book, with the idea I’ll go back to review them at a later date. Interesting insights on how we should treat our former selves as a different person. Personally I loved it, so it’s a 4.5/5.

Book cover of blast from the past. White background with a mouth with red lipstick made up from multiple photos and a red phone box.

Blast From the Past

Ben Elton

I only read this book because we were on holiday and I’d finished my other two books, one being the book above. It is also, I’m proud to say, the only novel I have read from front to back in a day! So in a way this holds a special place in my heart. It was a perfectly pleasant book with some interesting perspectives. I did feel that some parts waffled and the jumping around in time made it a little hard to follow. Read if you like books about relationships, personalities and the military. It’s a 3/5 from me.

Book cover of Forty Acres showing a vintage style photo of a field and barbed wire fencing.

Forty Acres

Dwayne Alexander Smith

Oooh such an interesting book and concept; Dwayne should be commended on his ideas. However I didn’t find the character development convincing enough in the beginning to carry the story through. I also felt it lacked depth in places given the significance of the topics it covers. If you’re looking for an eye-opening novel, this is for you. It was a good read, 4/5.

Book cover of the Dinner Lady detectives. Cream with title in red lettering made to resemble blood I assume. I small line drawing in blue of a cosy little village and church steeple.

The Dinner Lady Detectives

Hannah Hendy

Not my normal choice of book; my husband picked it up from our community telephone box book swap. I did enjoy this story about two older dinner ladies being curious about a murder of their manager. Not my normal genre but it was light entertainment for a few evenings. I gave it 4/5 for entertainment value and because it had lovable characters.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Book Club. I certainly did. Here’s to the next one.

Annette Raffan

Annette is a mum of one and a postgraduate researcher at the University of Aberdeen. She loves learning about new things and sharing them with the world, particularly knowledge management, plant and soil science, the world of research and things she has read along the way.

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